Thursday, October 13, 2011

Of Escaping, In-Laws and Farms... HUH???

What's my title for the day?  Which topic shall I choose? I'd much rather a silly tag-line than post another feeling-downtrodden-life's-no-picnic story! So tonight I choose to go the route of "PRETEND LIFE" ... ya know, like the time that I was wishin', and dreamin', and hopin' of a pretend life..

August 7, 2011   ESCAPISM

Carmel was my escape for the day. I'm in need of beauty, nature and a glimpse at my ole picnic-life!

Well... I'm sorta in the same boat again. In need of a brief respite, I am! So, I did! Very BRIEFLY!... but, that's all it took cause I had myself a grand 3 hours! The pause that refreshed could only happen because of the beautiful, generous people that I'm lucky enough to call my In-Laws! There are not more giving and helpful people on this planet, of this I am sure! Their love for their family is boundless! Words cannot express their goodness, or at least not words that I am able to conjure - so with this I'll stop (and make my Mother-In-Law cry) and get back to the silly story before I have lost the subject altogether....

As I was about to say....

I took a walk. The very best way I know how to escape. What an amazingly California-ish fall day it was!

the path to freedom  ;-)

That ol' sun was hot, but - oh, Fall was trudging right alongside the trail...

afternoon shadow beauty

Who in their right mind would not be amused by these fellas??...

their curly end...
those porky faces as they came running at me... musta thought I had food! hahhaaaa

lovely at the farm
Even more floppy eared creatures to make me smile ~

reminiscent of Goat Hill....

And the ugly-duckling of wild animals even wrangled their way into my joyful Fall-pretend-life-mood ~

careful Mr. Turkey it's nearly THAT time of year...

It was a day for making lemons into lemonade and peanuts into cookies ~   HA HA!!!

Ahhh... the sweet life!


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