Thursday, October 6, 2011

NOT Keeping Up... Nowhere Near..

Us vs. "The Jones".... believe me, we are not able to keep up!! Not NO WAY, NOT no how...

The cute little blond kid across the street - the "Jones" offspring, saw me taking photos in the yard and yelled across at me. He continued to converse with me over the fence in toddler-speak. The pumpkins he was holding needed my closer attention. I went for a visit.

In the "Jones'" backyard is an arbor dripping with grapes. Huge, blue-purple clusters. Such a sight. Such a vast difference from the vines clinging to our backyard fence.

Ernest & Julio Gallo, we're not! And the community zoo, WE ARE! Squirrels, birds and every other un imaginable creature has full access to our orchard. It shows in the crops we're able to harvest. Oh well - thank goodness for neighbors like the "Jones'"!! Cause they even mentioned the possibility of wine making; they've go such an abundant crop!

We may not keep up with the Jones' as far as grapes and wine making...

But, just sign me off for today as ~ Little ol' wine drinker, me!! ~ Speaking of which, Hubby and I are taking a weekend break to wine country in Sonoma. We will be guests at a sure to be fabulously over-the-top wedding. Hoping that Hubby's improvements and increased strength will allow him to manuever, walk, chicken dance chair boogie and have some fun that he deserves! Wish us luck!

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