Monday, October 17, 2011

The Simple Things In Life

When times are laughable - actually CRY-ABLE, it's funny how the simplest, smallest and mundane item can change your day!

Today I smiled at ~

These yellow tennies ^ elicit dozens of comments every time I wear them. It never ceases to amaze me, nor to make me smile.

I did smile, but it could make one cringe.... ^ see all of the seeds on the floor and the chair? The basket on the seat has a bunch of dried sunflower heads. This still life sits on our enclosed front porch. With the door opened to the yard, a squirrel decided the seeds were fair game. Hearing some commotion, I went out front and scared the poor critter to death. It scurried, running into the door, and jig-jogging back and forth to find it's way out. Like watching a live cartoon!

Spooky driftwood item in our yard. ^  So cool!

The solo gourd that grew off some vines I planted....  love it's miniature-ness ~

Clipping flowers from the garden and arranging them at the kitchen sink - blood pressure lowering activity ~

Small red apples in an old yelloware bowl - SO AUTUMNAL!  Me likey!!

Stress relievers, all..... FREE and simple......

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