Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Comfort Of Home

Many times in the last few months I've thought how nice it would be to do this ~

Humming this song in my head ~

True story - I used to love this song and sing it until I couldn't get it out of my head...   arrrghh, don't you hate when that happens?  Anyway...

While the song is about someone leaving their loved one - I always , well mostly,  OKAY usually had Hubby in the plan with me... flying to wherever. Seemingly this flight plan was to get the hell away from the troubles of late. Actually though I've always loved to travel. Hubby and I have had the opportunity to see many lovely sights. We've not flown to a far-away land in quite some time.  Hopping aboard a jet and landing in a foreign place sounds MAGNIFIQUE!! (for both reasons above)


Waking up in my own bed with a view of that walnut tree (see last post), cooking Swiss chard and beets, pre-winter planting in the garden and clean-up of the beds (lousy, but rewarding) - all of these things bring me ~

Who knew? How can that be? Does age have something to do with this feeling? It's been sometime now that I've noticed the change. My home is my refuge. I find comfort and more here. I like my space and quiet. Frequently there is no television picture, nor stereo sound. Admittedly the computer has taken up some of that space - funny since I came to owning one very late!

My sweetly mundane, cool morns, and warm Fall afternoons are pleasurably filled outdoors ....
Gardening ~

new winter crop

ornamental kale
Oohing and ahhing over fabulous flowers to be cut ~


Clipping grape vines and untangling their curly fingers from the fence ~

might be used for Thanksgiving decor
 Thinking ahead to Christmas, I've started forcing Paperwhite bulbs ~

There'll be no flying away. Reality is we haven't the fortitude, the funds, or free time. Simpler to dream about the Tour Eiffel, wish upon a four-star hotel in Cinque Terre, and hope that one day the Lucky Country down under can be included in our stamped passport. I'm okay with that. For now.

Home Sweet Home. There's nothing like it. Anywhere.

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  1. Shari, you are such an inspiration, and help me realize what is most important in life. An by following Abundant Picnic, I'm able to stop and smell the roses from my laptop! :-) Thank you for doing this.