Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wizardry Weather

Scenes from the Wizard of Oz buzzed me like flying monkeys!!  We had no twister, but the weather gave me pause. I felt like.... well...  maybe a little like this lady ->

Not that I'm a meanie like Ms. Gulch. But, while riding Mary-the-bike today I surely had this scene in mind. The wind was blowing and leaves tumbled down the street by the rakes full! I was glad to have sunglasses on and my mouth had to stay tightly closed or autumn leaves would've flown on in.

Following a not-so-yellow-stone road today on my walk ~

There was even the strangest of garden spots with very peculiar flowers in my real-life Oz day ~

Kinda waited for some little, giggling men to jump out from behind the bushes! That woulda been FUN!

Even the yard work I tended to hurriedly before the storm hit resembled some of the first scenes in my favorite old movie! Remember when the farmhands are rushing about trying to get everything in order ? I was doing the same! The wind whipped about as I pulled down umbrellas, tying them closed for the winter. I stashed pillows and emptied picnic hampers.

Lions and tigers and bears were nowhere to be found. Except on my bracelet! * little side note* My BFF's in SF gifted me upon my 50th Birthday with a scrimshaw bracelet that reads - Lions & tigers & bears, OH MY!!

Alas, I no longer have a "Toto" to whisk into my arms and run from the storm with. This furry friend did come to visit though ~

Happy that a twister didn't touch down, but kinda wish Glynda would've done some magic and left me with a pair of those sparkly red pumps!

A pair of the iconic ruby red slippers from ''The Wizard of Oz'' believed to have been worn by Judy Garland's Dorothy when she clicks her heels to return home to Kansas near the end of the film are seen in this undated handout photo. REUTERS/Handout

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