Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rites Of Life

Ceremoniously we gathered in His house and lovingly smiled upon the service of Baptism being held. Our great nephew, in his handcrafted white romper, eyed his surroundings in wonder. He was smiley, joyful and quite content. Did he feel the love? Was this little creature able to sense what this morning meant to his village of loved ones? Such a profound thought -one, this amazement that I'm into another life phase. The next generation - my GREAT nephew!

Well, and the MOST profound thought about Charlie and his introduction to God and the hope of his parents (and us) that he find a lighted path in life to spirituality and good deeds. The best we can hope is for him to have guidance to all things GOOD.

I'm keenly aware of this same ceremony held twenty seven years ago for his father. That lovely young man found his way to a good and caring life. This rite of passage will be one of many for Charlie, both inside the walls of church, and in our big ol' world. Important times, these gatherings, we may feel emotions in our hearts, but together in a group, the bonding and kinship are immeasurable. May the happiness and tender love flow over into Charlie's world.

May angels watch over you ~

May sunshine brighten your road ~

Remember always to abide the Golden Rule ~

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you...

There's possibly no better lesson to be learned in this life!

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  1. Absolutely, beautifully said Shari!! What a wonderful sentiment for Charlie!!! LOVE your pictures too!