Friday, November 11, 2011

Out Of My Comfort Zone

Comfy and cozy I may like; homebody I may seem. There was a time that party hopping and entertaining filled the calendar. ahhh well (big sigh)... things change! Not that there isn't some allotted time for fun....

I've been to a few events lately. Imagine that! Some with Hubby and some without. Haven't been keeping late hours or staying past the bewitching hour, but out in the mix of things.... it feels good sometimes!

We spruced up and attended a black & white masquerade ball ~

I've been stepping out a little bit. Out of my comfort area at home. It's been good for me. Using the term "stepping out" got me thinking of the song below.  A little ditty by a musician named Joe Jackson. His album got plenty of play in my 20's! I even ushered at one of his concerts many moons ago... ha! back when I used to do night-life... well, NIGHTLY!! In the years that I worked for Bill Graham Presents ushering for some amazing talents!

 I'll share other events soon. One was a first for me - a new book publishing & author signing..... by someone we know! Really not used to this dressing up stuff, especially the heels. OUCH! My feet are always happy to get back on the sofa and covered by a blanket!

                                                                  Poor Tootsies!


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  1. There's going to be plenty of parties in time Miss Shari...Your job now has become to be the best host ever to the most private party...Just remember you have always been the best party planner.
    Looking forward to seeing you both really soon.