Monday, November 28, 2011

One Of My Better Ideas..

A place of my own. A window onto the world... with a view all my own.....

a tattered window with many stories to tell

November 28th.
 In 2010 the blank screen seemed to loom - I had started Abundant Picnic. I became a blogger. Today, same November 28th, just one year later. It's my Anniversary. There have been 229 journal entries. From the get-go, there was no intention of becoming the most popular, or making money from my blog. I write about anything that sings to me; some subjects where the song is more likely a weepy melody. Intending this place to be my personal journal that I share with just a few. I'm generally more at ease when I write now. There is a certain cadence to the clicking keyboard, and my thoughts as well. I'm hoping to keep that rhythm and pace.

A TOAST...    ~ BRING ON 2012 !! ~
There's plenty of abundance in this life !  ....

Shall I celebrate with a glass of champagne? More likely that I'll be hunkered down, my vintage yellow woolen blanket warming my feet. The very same computer that kept this writing idea alive will surely be in it's usual spot upon my lap. How The Grinch Stole Christmas will be Cindy-Loo-Whoing. {ahhhh - deep sigh} Much is the same night after night.

here's part of my very first post ~

Out with the Old - In with the New

This isn't a post for the New Year as Glamour mag may do for the most current WHAT'S IN/WHAT'S OUT.
Just a good title for this day. The NEW happens to be my first post on this finally realized blog! hooray!! Also more new.. as in new decor to come.... because I'm setting OUT the old, and tired looking Autumnal bits. It's time for Christmas. This here gal doesn't like to change the guards until after the turkey has been made into soup! Thanksgiving should have it's time. A lovely time it was too. In fact Hubster & I had 3 Thanksgiving events to attend.

That's how it all began ^.  Thanksgiving just passed again. When looking through the many stories I've journaled - my, so much has changed in this one year!

Feeling glad that I've kept at this blogging experience. I'm looking forward to the next year of
Abundant Picnic !

I've crossed a bridge and there's plenty of beauty and open space beyond it.... just waiting to be found!

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