Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Day For Pondering

Bright, sunny light through a portal ~

Any light will do. A sign that there's more of this soon?

Sparkling. Calm. Clouds held at bay. A sign?

Fun on the horizon. Dare to hope?

Fly away. Soar to new heights? we just have to wing it....

Look beyond to the beautiful view awaiting ~

Days end. Nearly a new one . I hope sleep comes easily. It doesn't always these days.



  1. The pictures in this blog were amazing..I felt like I was on this journey at the beach with you.The shot of the seagull made me want to cover up my meal.hahahaha
    Keep up the fabulous works of art you do on this lovely blog..

  2. Jennifer - as always you are too kind! Glad that you read, and enjoy my blog. I love theses pictures too! Nothing like clean ocean air to make ya happy! Shari