Friday, November 18, 2011

Found My Fall Mojo

Roasting vegetables at high temps, savoring the earthy scents - and then gladly leaving the oven door ajar once they're done. On winter evenings I routinely scoot the top baking rack so to prop open the oven door, thus giving our home a little extra warmth for the sleeping hours. Along with that pilot light that we relit the other day... many seasonal shifts are taking place here.

An emotional and energetic shift with me too? I've enough want and willingness to tackle more winter house needs! FINALLY!! Near to this time each year I'm onto thinking about how I'll decorate for Christmas. Mind you,  I DO NOT DECORATE UNTIL THANKSGIVING IS OVER! There's just something wrong with that (for me anyway). I like the turkey to get his due! Usually I've switched out pillows for warmer colored ones. The cozy touch of throws are draped on the sofas. Barely getting 'round to Fall and now it's little over a week 'til trees and ornaments.

Today was that day  - bring on more warmth. Starting with a clean slate is the most easy way to work. That means I become furniture mover for one day, and muscle achy decorator the next. Pushing everything to the walls - I began

The heft of the living room area rug nearly left me hunched for life! It had to be cleaned first... it was a long day! Yet, I felt happy and exhilarated.

Here's mid-way through, the HUGE rug is still partially rolled; some of the furniture moved to new spots.

Piles exist on surfaces everywhere. I've definitely got to learn the art form of editing! My collections are goodies that I've lovingly picked from many awesome flea markets and sales. Attempts at storing these decorative "smalls" is also an art form. Not an easy task in a tiny cottage. I've got my work cut out for me.

Here's the work in progress ~

Notice those 2 splotches of peeled stucco off the wall below the painting? That's how well art tape works! I'm sorta fond of that look. Not so much at first. But, REALLY! Reminds me of old decaying walls in a French farmhouse.... (or something like that).

Tomorrow the darker draperies will be hung. There's a fur throw and animal pillow to find. I've switched out some lamps and their shades. The dining room got a new treatment ~

Never used the red shades before.... do they resemble a bordello too much?? HA

I can tell that kneeling, squatting and bending will be difficult tomorrow! Even my thumbs ache while I type this post!

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  1. Your ceiling and walls are exactly like my grandmother's house....her house was built in 1938. The stucco walls and the recessed decor in the out of this world. I LOVE IT!! You have a darling little cottage.