Friday, November 4, 2011

Intended Wishes

Quietly - while my natural inclination is to emote - I shall softly say, a very Happy Birthday, my friend. In the life we led together not so very long ago, you and I, we would have been singing at the top of our lungs. Our feet would've been high heeled and dancing. Bubbly sips, or two, or three woulda been upon our painted lips. That life was boisterous, undaunted and based in joyous pleasures. I wish so very much that we were honoring your years in this same way tonight.

Intentions are good things. I intended to call you up and ever so gently remind you that you've got a friend that is thinking of you. I intended to give whispered wishes.  The phone went unanswered. I considered that it was possibly best this way. With all that you've endured, did you really want to hear from me?  Me, the person that would've clamored to celebrate to the nth degree...... Possibly you'd like just to forget that more time has passed. Really, who of us wouldn't at times? It's not that your DAY isn't a happy one. It's not that I don't want to hear your voice. Unsure of what today might mean to you; will it boldly step on your spirit?

In times of different circumstance, I would have come to visit.  In my vision we'd sit on the sofa and chat and laugh. This is what we can still share. Simple and true. Friendship. Without all of the bells and whistles. Love that comes from years of shared experiences. Nothing can take this from us!

So, I've tried not to make too much of your Birthday, so as not to wreak havoc on any demons. If I must, I will quietly, alone, whisper to you -


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  1. You always seem to bring a tear to my eye.This was such a beautiful blog today.You are truely a wonderful friend and so blessed to have you my life.