Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Awesome Summer Eve

There was a time that entertaining friends and family in our home oft occurred once a month or so during the warm season. In this little cottage it's much easier to host outside in the garden. Far greater space in the yard, than in this 1940's nest. Yet, there are even memories of functions indoors during wintertime when the guest list had us busting at the seams. Such fun! Somehow time and age have crept in and the joy a party brings me has waned.

one of many garden parties

Time has had it's way with the house. Upkeep , or more rightly re-do are not held in high regard with Hubby {not to poke at him}.. I too enjoy a trip to Italy more than a fence and plumber. HA! Far outweighing the time factor is the one of age.... and we {Hubby & I}and the house, have been showing ours. What with that still existent health scare for Hubby; any energy that can be mustered is mostly left for work days. Not to sound as if I'm seventy or something. I surely still feel young, act it even at times. I still surprise myself when I have the strength to tackle intense moving projects, lopping of hefty tree limbs and pouncing in barrels of yard clippings. That garden that I love so is great exercise and freedom for my mind of other pressing issues.... but, she too {the garden} is aging and in need of a face lift.

So, where was I going with this sad tale of woe???  hmmmm - actually I was on my way to show you a funny photo of a truly ballsy {yet honest} thing that I did at the most recent event in our home outside of our home...  here goes.... see if you agree... weird hostess named Shari here...

notice something "off" in this pic?

YES INDEEDY!! I did... I set this chalkboard near our front walkway pointing to our side gate to the garden. That would've been fine, I guess - enter through the side garden BUT, notice that the intention being that our guests STAY IN THE YARD! {see bottom - house not party ready} I almost can't believe I wrote that and put it out for viewing. Really, I did allow use of the bathroom! I just hadn't been in redecorate,  style vignettes, add party towels, dust every surface mode. Not until after the party did we notice that I misspelled SUMMER!  :-)

We rather enjoyed ourselves - even in our confines of the yard..

I may never have to worry of entertaining again - what person in their right mind would want to be a guest at a home where they can't enter the house?? hhahaaa

The Queen of Theme {me}has given up the crown.. and I'm not quite sure I like it! I have sent invites, menu planned, dreamt up themes galore for many a happy occasion. Wanna hear some of the themes??... well, whether you do or not - I feel quite like remembering.  hmmmm, maybe a list is in order...

dia de los muertos altar and costume party * plum picking party* welcome to california party w/all cali menu * please don't eat the daisies dinner & outdoor movie * dia de los tres reyes {3 kings day} with singer of traditional hymn * squirrel nut wine tasting * don't let the bastards get you down gathering * bocce ball wednesdays * my mom's 50th bday * bro & sil's couple engagement bbq * bon voyage to ireland *....

A small number of the fun times here in our tiny, run-down, aging,loved,not party ready cottage..

I might have to re-think taking that crown off....

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