Sunday, August 12, 2012

Horse-Flies Up Your Nose

What do you think.. does the term/name horse-flies have to do with the size of these beasts with wings? Or, rather is it that horse-flies like to fly 'round horses? I'll be with the party that goes with BOTH. Size of a horse, they are! And, have you ever seen the eyelash and nostril area of an equine friend? Frequent buzzing going on in those parts. Poor things !

can you believe I'm posting this picture?
Okay, that was a bit of a tangent I got lost in....

Was feeling a bit equine-ish myself while hiking around the hills much too late on a HOT summer day. Hills = exertion = sweat+open mouth breathing... and then before you know it you feel like the Burrito I talked about in a recent post. Flies buzzing all about your nasal passages... UUUUGHH.

Most days this does not happen. Most time when it does, it is actually little gnat-type insects. Still I hate those buggers near my boogers...   AHHHAAAA... hhhee haawww

He  ^ finds that funny too!! Hey! wait a minute - I don't see flies up those nostrils!! ^

Possibly the lowly horse-fly has a purpose in our world? This girl doesn't take kindly to sharing her bodily fluids with said insects, however. I'm just far too civilized for that. (yeah - read that last sentence as far too wussy).

Is this the kookiest subject matter ever?

Maybe caused by very little sleep and staring at this screen far too long. Working on Goat Hill Fair items. In fact, getting ready to do a post on that blog that somewhat relates to this. I'm going to show this photo ~

With the title:  Working Our ASSES Off!!

Think that'll go over okay?? If you never hear from me again in blogland... you'll know why!! HA

Time for this to end.... 
Need rest...

ahhhhhh break time....

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