Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Man from PA & All Is Right in This World

Just like that  {insert snap of fingers}... Five minutes and we had the world spun into a warm, fuzzy ball and swaddled in sunny yellow silk! This nattily dressed man from Pennsylvania, and I...

Initially I stopped to offer help should it be needed. PA man assured me all was well. He'd only been stopped and  grasping the post "for show" as he put it. Didn't want the wife to expect much more walking out of him, don'tcha know. His sunny outlook beaming across my hand as I extended it to him ... "how kind of you to stop and ask".. his seemingly astonished smile suggesting others in the world might not do the same. How wonderful that there are people out strolling that would...

I captured his "bin of goodwill" through my lens. This is where we found our mutual surprise of world sunshiney silk ~

An apple bin!

How possibly does an apple bin express hope for the world? Why did PA man and I find sunshine and sparkly-happy sensations in the tiny cost of this produce?

Out in the middle of nowhere sits this stand.. albeit a busy footpath that many frequent.. but not a vendor in sight. No one to sack up your purchase and pocket your change. NOPE! There was a small box and a note to leave the correct amount for whichever fruit you choose.

Pennsylvania man commented firstly... "this gives me reason to believe that not all is wrong with the world in which we live"... and "I am happy to see that someone TRUSTS that we will do the right thing by leaving our monies". I'm in complete agreement, PA man! We grasped each other's hands softly for a second and nodded. Yes, so good to know that there are people and places like this!

I shared with him, that there are in fact more people like this... just like the Los Gatos family that I've mentioned that sets a table and scale out front their home and honor-systems their abundant flowers and veggies to passers-by.

Ahhhh - nice realization we mutually agree! And then just like that we parted with "HAVE A GOOD DAY"

Strangers when we started - a fellow believer once we parted!

the end of my walk on that "yellow-silk" day...

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