Monday, August 27, 2012

Whatever It Takes...

Critter watch 2012! The past month {nearly} had me itching for answers... QUITE LITERALLY!
Seemed like one morning I looked, and BAM there were red, inflamed spots in strange strategic places about my body. Enough to send me to the Doctor, in fact.  A gasket was nearly blown when I was told it was possible the bites were from bedbugs!! GADZOOKS... PLEASE, NO!! What with all of the places I had visited in July, it wasn't a far stretch. Come to find out this is NOT what was irritating my skin.

All one needs to hear is "bedbugs" and believe you me, you throw stuff out, clean, vacuum religiously, check the mattress, find every green product known to man that can be introduced inside a home, and even too - change furniture!

Yes indeed - I got the notion that something was hiding in the cushions and frame of our couch {also a sofa bed}... didn't matter that I no longer had to worry about bedbugs - I WAS SURE sitting on that Chesterfield was doing me harm. I purchased a new sofa... {after thorough cleaning of living room}
...  whatever it takes to make one upgrade and get into the next century!!  :-)

She is sure pretty, and comfy, and very thrifty {thrifty may mean not long-lasting}.

Of course there was need to rearrange. Never did complete the painting - just white swatches across the walls...

See the mess on the wall above ^.. since it still has a paint job on the way, I decided I could write a verse, or just this single word that I love ~

Infatuated with the details in the sepia photo now hanging above the typewriter..... An amazing find
at a local shop awhile back. Took my time  hanging it! 1920's PICNICKING!! and the somber group is having their soiree in Pebble Beach! My, my how  chic!!                                                                  
We're in the mode of black & white ^, some neutral and a splash of good color here and there. Color for now is yellow. Red peeks in too, she just can't help herself!

That's the story of the Critters of the Summer of 2012! Mostly believe the itchy-scratchys were fleas or mites in our garden. The chickens can be culprits. As I said before... whatever it takes... because progress came from this ordeal. Remember when I talked of our house of ill repair? {click} well, we've got BUG BUSTERS on the way to spray!

I'm now sitting on the new sofa to write, and not feeling a care, or itch in the world!

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