Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chicken Gifts & Gold

Have chicken and get egg abundance!

While I appreciate the goodness of an egg, I do not eat one every day. They are good protein, and I am fond of all that the egg can do in the kitchen... but, we're on egg overload here! We are gifted with one creamy white egg each day, and as of late, one of the next-door-neighbor-chickens has decided that our garden is as good a place as any to leave us her brown present. The coop over the fence must be too busy!

What to do when the egg carton total is above one dozen? Make a quiche...

Slice a chunk, accompany with tea. Protein galore - and head out the door!! {rhymin' Simon} :-)

Morning walk time - filled with goodness and energy - let's go to ... ?? {remember Where's Shari?}
Each day I find myself in awe of the place that I live; the freedom I'm given to search out these environments; profoundly blessed with my ability to walk,jog,hike,bike for hours at a time.

I traveled that highway above ^ to get to the hills I would hike...

Mary Knoll sits in the hills above Cupertino, CA ~

Beautiful garden and spectacular Bay Area views ~

It's dry in those hills.. as America the Beautiful lyrics say... "amber waves of grain" - though these California hills are mostly weeds and dried grass, not grain. Still have a beauty all of their own though.

Golden hills, golden sunshine, I feel Golden myself... quite lucky and blessed.

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