Monday, August 6, 2012

Call Me Corny

Corndogs were on the menu, but I abstained - not for reasons of goodness and health - just wasn't feelin' corny this day. Possibly corny though in the fact that I delighted in all things Country Fair and took me, myself and I for a morning of Carnies and Blue Ribbons. I love a County Fair! Ours though, no longer has its rural roots. The schedule is shortened. The Halls sparse in their baking, gardening, canning offerings. I felt very sad - and maybe that too is corny.

Made the rounds to the stinky parts filled with cages, stalls and pens. The 4H'ers have my heart in the back pocket of them thar white uniforms. Darn if those children aren't so sweet to watch with their lovingly raised animals all set for showing!

See what I mean about those all white uniforms??  ^
That topper of a Forest Green beret sends my fondness over the edge....

After ribbons were given I tore myself away from the goats. My inclination towards those creatures has increased in the past year... hhhm, wonder why that might be? Oh yes - possibly because of this

Feathers, bristles, udders and others ....

The picture above kills me! First look at the smile and Jimmy Durante style nose on the front piglet.. and that guy in the back... PUL- EEAZE , I nearly had a fit when I saw that his head is stuck into the feed bucket and he's sound asleep. Quite content! He coulda drowned in slop if he hadn't consumed it all!!

Nothing like fair-food! In a class all its own!

If corny be not thy name, then possibly SILLY shall be ~


  1. Shari, loved all your comments about the fair! I think was thinking all the same things as I read your words . The white clothes and green on the hats and vests are classic!!!! Thanks for making me feel like I was out at the fair!

  2. Hello justjunk! :-)
    Glad to indulge you with all of that fan-"fair"!! Making you feel as if you had gone.... makes me happy!