Sunday, August 19, 2012

On The Sad Side of Sunny

Without truly knowing - yet fairly certain - and in denial - we believe our sweet lil' hen, Biloxi Brown is gone.  There is reason to think that a bigger, more muscular brute found her hiding spot. I try not to envision it. Most surely, I am glad not to have heard anything, or witnessed the food chain in action. In all of my children's-fantasy-book fashion, I'm going to have Ms. B. Brown scurrying off on her next adventure - bidding adieu to us two - and pigeon-footing over to the next home willing to take her in and dote on her.

Tell-tale sign ...

Biloxi's gorgeous feathers strewn about the back lawn... not the whole of them.. but, just enough that we can question her whereabouts. I've collected this few. I will tie them up in a pretty bow and save them under a cloche, to remind me of her short, sweet fluffy body.

Sorry, little dearie, that we could not keep you safe from harm. You see, you lived life just as you wished - no wire windows looking out for you. Our garden as your domain..

strolling her paths - alongside resident squirrels

                  {picture taken the day before we realized she wasn't just visiting next door}

RIP, petite one!

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