Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Wednesday Two Weeks Later...

Mid-week; chickens cackling in the backyard. The windows are open to the fresh air. I know why the caged bird sings...   {just using that quote that I do love} - Yet, I do know why they're singing...
IT IS GORGEOUSLY SUNNY!! Me, the chicks, my neighbors, every little creature - out and alive!

early morning shadows from my perch

Time spent ridding our home of excess isn't particularly the way I see myself whiling away the brief hours of sunshine. Yet, here I am. I've been enjoying this chore. Bags of clothing tossed aside for a trip to the resale. Furniture dusted and moved to new corners. Happy vignettes of never displayed goodies swapping spots with the old & tired. Rather pleasing. Surely have days and weeks more work to go. Maybe not during such lovely non-wintry daylight.

On a post-rainy day of recent, we did take a road trip through the redwoods, and out into the tiny town of Pescadero. A perfect afternoon with mustard fields, goats, cheese tasting and ocean.

Harley Farms sits in a field with a barn over there, and a couple of out-buildings here, and the milking parlour near to the goat paddock. We tasted cheese, but also some warm and succulent butternut squash & jalapeno soup. At the tippy-top of the barn is this room shown above ^. Here, the farm hosts a once per month field-to-table dinner. Along with the charming goats, lovely scenery and smiling face of the shop tendress, there is also a furniture maker. Sad to report, we were unable to meet this chap. His nickname is Three Finger Bob. Sounds like there must be a story to be told... don't ya think?

Bring on the warm California sun!

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  1. *sigh* it will be months before we see the sun here! Your day trip sounds like a good time and a great way to shake off the winter blahs...good pics too!