Friday, January 11, 2013

Road Trip

Oh, for the love of God... err..   Pete!!  No more banter, just get outside and DO IT!

Wanna walk with me??  The Shari bus is taking you to the coastal towns of Davenport, and on further north to Pescadero. This is Northern California at it's finest...  and there's much more to be seen hundreds of miles north and south of here too. What a great place to live...

Closer to God, we are!!  :-)

Davenport, CA

old lumber mill - vintage horse trailer used to contain sawdust

Davenport's history is tied to the lumber industry. The redwoods inland from here were a resource. Timber was shipped from a now defunct wharf via ships, all across the land.
** little side note: I have some lumber-lore in my history. I'll write a post about it tomorrow**

Down the road a piece and at the dynamic Pacific at a place called Cowell's beach...

Cowell creeks ~


cliffs ~

and cacophony... oh, dear the chatter of the gulls!!  swarms of them.. enjoying California sunshine ~

What is there about a lighthouse? The splendor, the history & stories...

Hop back on my bus another time! This wander did not end at the lighthouse.... always so much more to see, no?!!  I'm off to do a walk in real time right now.

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