Friday, January 4, 2013

Dreaming of Longer Days

Still much more of winter to go. The Christmas holiday season only barely over. I don't mean to search beyond the days that are here and now. As we're told - LIVE IN THE PRESENT... but, once the glitter is packed away to the garage rafters, my thoughts turn to spring and it's freshness.

Icy mornings and sunny cool days are still settled upon my garden for now. I shall bask in what is lovely about that. Make good with this present time.

It's taken at least a week to get back to the journaling of my life. Now it seems that I'll only be able to write and not attach photos. Blogger has some major new year revamping to do, it seems. The lovely photos that I would share can only sit on my computer and wait for another time... seems I cannot live in the present for this either. :-)

** found a way around the problem - solely for one pretty image! **

Lots of pretty to share from the last couple of holiday weeks... hoping to get to it soon! Fingers crossed that Blogger gets repaired!

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