Monday, January 7, 2013

Feeling Squirrely

Bushy-tailed hoarders scamper still. Our yard; their playground.

Here's what I watched out the window the other morning....

Squirrely was too efficient with the hiding of his pantry staples for the winter. Not a walnut in sight. He's choosing to forage for rose hips.

Today's the day for pruning the rose bushes. The start of pruning, anyway. We have countless thorny rosaceous climbers, trailers, bushes, etc., and it takes awhile to get them all under control.         
Winter is seen in countless ways around my garden. Our flying friends have left their home ...
Last post I eluded to the fact that I'm "Spring-dreamin".  'Tis true... I sat for hours and browsed a gorgeous seed website and ordered their catalog - solely to gander again at their imagery! What  
beauty there is to be found at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.... oh my!                    
Grey, cold and if I may say so- some gloom - are how the last few days have been. However, it's nothing that a handful of bright yellow tulips can't change!! They too are a harbinger of Spring!!
** If you'd like to see some fresh, new blog posts that begin the new year in style... go see My Romantic Home. I've joined Cindy's Thursday group that highlights beauty in our homes.

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