Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Stick-to-it-iveness ... Say WHAT??

No. The new year does not automatically call for resolutions. Sometimes I partake in the goal naming, sometimes not. This go-round all of it just slipped past me.Though I probably should have taken the Numero Uno resolution of dieting - 'cause, as you'll see below - the days before the ball dropped for 2013, I done had me a treasure trove of delicious EATS!!

Also, more than my fair share of fun and frolic - leaving much less time for goodly things like exercise and well-being! Additionally some trying events + sadness = {as mentioned here}highly unlikely to be kind to self!

This was a somewhat healthy meal ^.. still very indulgent!  Shall I be resolute about a goal - now - a week into the year? And if I do choose something will I stick with it?... that is the biggest goal of all : to have the stick-to-it-iveness in all facets of life.... dontcha think?

If I were one to follow trends... and in some things, I am... then the Blogland thing to do for the new year is to choose a word. Your chosen term for a goal you hope to hit in TWENTY THIRTEEN.
Maybe I'll be really bold ridiculous and say that my word is sticktoitiveness {albeit a made-up word}.

Haaaa - I know what my first stick-to-it will be :  STICKY BUNS!!  nah, not really...

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