Thursday, January 31, 2013

Puttering & Futzing

bedroom 2 years ago... this piece is now moved to the Dining Room

Our bedroom has been in need of a fluffing. Past due for a revamp. The tiny... {really, I mean very small} room that houses our bed has become a place to set down clothes wherever they might land. The minimal closet space that we have is stuffed to the brim. And because of those closets the work-out pants and tennies from the day get thrown in a bin that sits on the floor. UNAPPEALING at best!!

When last you read here about the projects going on and the silliness of it all since everybody with any brains was outdoor enjoying the sun... (whew, long-ass sentence).. well, I've been challenging my hoarding instincts (Hubby's too) and ridding our home of bags of un-needables. {probably not a word}. Progress has been made. The bedroom is a place I actually like sitting in now.

notice oil of ocean on top of black chest... comes into play next

Whether we've got the space, or not, {NOT !} somehow there has got to be a television in here. Masters & Johnson would have something to say about that! I have a distaste for looking at TV screens. In the living room our television is hidden, so I searched for a way to do the same in the bedroom...

Simple solution. Easy on & easy off... Hubby will be more likely not to scowl at this, since it is so simple.

Like pillows much?!! hhaaaa

Small details still to be solved. No end pieces on the curtain rods. Artwork above the bed to be changed.  And... on, and on, and on....  really never ends - does it? Such fun to shop my own home and change my surroundings, makes it all feel so lovely and new!

LOVE a gallery wall! Don't you?

Since the bedroom is all clean and decorated, I'm going to show her off at My Romantic Home.

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  1. Love the new look! Fab seamstress mannequin! The chair too, great fabric...New to your castle doors are always open over at the "royal blog" to browse...Tiffany