Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My History

As I was saying.....

I do realize that I mentioned something about posting again "tomorrow" and now it's been 4 days - give or take! I was taking a road trip along the coast and going back in time to the lumber industry of California {click on CA}.  A quick reference was made to my family lore in that same lumber history.

Two stories are rehashed over time and again. My family adores the silliness of one story, and it goes as thus... {pay no attention to the over dramatization}  :-)

Some fifty-odd years ago, there was a very young woman and her husband living in the dusty, perched-along-the-highway, valley town of Willows. Expectant of their very first child. Sweetly inexperienced in the way that a 1950's Doris Day film portrays the era.  Life was simple.  Money from lumber jacking just enough.

In the early spring they welcomed a daughter... arriving, yes in a hospital, possibly though a facility whose office staff had just the basics of a K-8 education. Or, might it be the schooling of the young parents that comes into question?  You see, when time came to complete the newborns birth certificate, someone somewhere - in either the registry or labor & delivery - made a grievously hilarious mistake.

On the birth certificate of baby girl, Shari, it is forever noted that her Father's occupation is, as shown below....


Oh yeah! Forever typed onto an important U.S. citizen document... a part of my history!
And, here again....

My father is quick to point out that a "hooker" was just one title for a specific job when he was a lumberjack.

Blurring the full image I mistakenly deleted another fun fact. The personnel in question also noted that my father was : Mexic-ian.

Awww, Dad... what did they do to ya??  hhhaa  No matter what my legal documents say... you are perfectly fine just the way you are!

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