Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Caregivers, We....

St. Francis of Assisi

Three brothers, a sister-in-law, a brother-in-law, and myself..... it takes a village! We're not raising a child. We've rallied the troops to care for Mom post-surgery. My scheduled time begins tomorrow, but in reality each of us have been involved since the day Mom was wheeled into the operating room. Worry, phone calls, speaking to medical personnel, checking in with Dad, sending cards and flowers, emails to and fro.....

A week in now. This time just a scheduled, yet very needed surgery. I'm thankful it wasn't an emergency, or yet another accident. This time in our adult lives leaves me feeling uneasy and unsure. I still see my parents in their youthfulness. At times I am surprised when I see them. I forget that they don't walk as quickly, take a bit more time getting straightened after exiting the car. I'm not used to their smaller appetites.  Find their forgetfulness puzzling. Look at their faces and see my Grandparents.... skin that has such a papery fineness, bruising that comes so easily.  None of these features changes my love for them - yet, maybe it should! My admiration and love should probably increase tenfold knowing all of the challenges and experiences that got them to this place they're at.

How lucky I am to have both parents still here with me! I will go tomorrow and gladly give anything that I'm able.

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  1. What a beautiful sentiment of your wonderful parents, Shari!! I love this picture of them. You are VERY blessed to still have both of them. I pray all went well with your Moms surgery?