Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Woods and Chaps

The IT team, known in these parts as the Geek Squad, may have one little laptop with this blog on it for an itty-bit of time. NOT OUT OF THE WOODS YET!! damn.... still seeing "no space left" messages, so back to the fix-it I go!

Before I sign-off again for a brief (unwanted) respite.... I promised more details on the fun, frolic and creativity of Farm Chicks and the whole Spokane area!  So, giddy-up..... on the road again!

At some brilliant moment of "I Remember", we recollected that the Farm Chicks had them some friends in the restaurant business. After browsing the Internet we came upon our dinner salvation....

CHAPS!! a restaurant/bakery/decorator paradise/junking finds showcase that called out our names. With Doris Day the GPS in tow, we headed toward downtown Spokane. In the most mundane, unassuming, unfit for Chaps strip mall - there it sat! Every Farm Chick followers dream.

Our waiter was a dream. Dinner was served outdoors on the lawn. Simple. Country. Fresh. Wine. Friends.....  oh, and even a friend from high school met up with us. DELIGHTFUL!

Oh, how we loved the LOOK of Chaps!

Again, please excuse the quality of these photos...

that's a bathroom light fixture! soooo cool
 The sun had set, the air was cool, and we hadn't stopped laughing.... couldn't bear to leave yet. I do believe we were purt near the last to go!! Coffee, cupcakes and a bluegrass band kept us til late eve.
And once the sweet waiter agreed to help us commemorate the moment on film (uhm, digital).. well, it was so dark that the images are blurred. I've kept them nonetheless.... these make me smile ~

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  1. You Farm Chicks look like you had a fabulous time in Spokane!!!