Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hello, Goodbye...

Trust me when I say that I'm mighty unsure of myself and this computer stuff.....  Boy has it been a tangled web of crud to get myself to this post! I am glad excited THRILLED OVER THE MOON..
that I'm able to journal again!!

HELLO!!! It's me! I've thought about you for a long, long time...

and that something wrong he's singing about in this video.... well, it was simply not my doing - the technology at my house was having many issues. I'm hoping they're fixed.

Now, I'm back... yet, I'm leaving again!  Flying North to Washington tomorrow. Visiting a place I've wished I could go. An antique show called Farm Chicks!!!  Very excited to pack a bag, hop on a plane, chat with new friends....  apparently my Mom was right -


My two travel mates will be getting token gift bags from me - just because! Wanna see them??

monkeys for our toes!
Hoping to make our travel hours more bearable with the stuff inside the bags. I'm fairly sure time will fly - ALWAYS DOES WHEN YOU'RE HAVING FUN!!!  I promise to be back soon!!

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  1. I'm so jealous, but hope you're having fun!