Monday, June 27, 2011

Hiking and Heels Don't Mix

Dusty trails and sunshine while traipsing for 4 hours...

We still weren't to the top when we spotted this marker. Eleven miles was the final count. Shortness of      
breath was a steady companion of mine on this trek. I hadn't joined my hiking group in many weeks.  It   
felt good to accomplish this journey.       

And just where does the hiking and heels come in??? Later in the day, of course.... 
The perfect attire was                                                                                                                                
set out, waiting for me to get off the mountain and shower-up for the evening event. We  were meeting        friends and family to toast a 21 year old and congratulate a graduate.  A just right t-shirt dress and high      heeled sandals for an outdoor party. Somehow I'd forgot to consider the years old bunion and peds that     ached from a morning of strenuous exercise. Switcheroo on the shoe choice and I was good to go! Never mattered an inkling about the aches or the shoes... smiles, reminiscing and happiness filled each minute....  

Thought of the day : Just remember -



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