Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Didn't I just mention that the plums would be a' comin'???  Well, they've arrived in abundance and more so!
Clusters of these fleshy delicacies are absorbing all of the sun they can... hoping to muster just the right tinge of purple.

all tones of purple...

Many unripe fruits yet.....

Our friends - The Plums

Can't blame the fellas for lagging in their season. We actually had rain today. Our two plum trees would've been picked clean in a regular year.

After Interstate travel brought me home, I combed the yard for any new edibles. Unfortunately I came upon numerous broken limbs in our fruit trees. I can hardly explain how this saddens me. In my mind it's no different that these living, giving creatures have arms that bear loads, than it is that we peoples have the same. I wouldn't like to have a broken arm. I'm sorry that the Plums' have broken arms. They're just hanging there - flesh ripped, not torn completely through. I asked Hubby to please go out and bolster the branches; a task that should've done awhile ago. Now I feel guilty that the peoples didn't come to the aid of the trees in time. We'll surely lose these branches - they're big ones! Hopefully the Plums' will survive.

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