Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cherries and Nicknames

Fond as can be of cherries, their season, the pretty red color and a couple of sweet little stories....

When your Grandpa comes up with the cutest nickname this side of the Rio Grande.... well then your heart melts at the memory and each sighting of anything "cherry" makes you smile.  Grandpa was Mexican. He spoke English... to some degree. There was always a visible accent. I don't have the background on my nickname -  only what I believe to be true.  Instead of calling me S H A R I, it instead came out sounding like C H E R R Y. And when I was young and he showered his love, it was then he called me his CHERRY PIE.

In the beginning of my foray into blogging, a friend named Coco was a subject numerous times. This crazy-silly girl had a lingo all her own. I was a member of her club. In our speak we would call certain people CHERRIES. It was a term of endearment. It meant that someone was acting silly, a bit childish maybe. Funny too that Coco and I grew up in an area filled with orchards (then anyway). Cherries were a big part of Sunnyvale. There is still an Olsen family farm stand and shop; that Martha Stewart has regaled!

Again, in my life a CHERRY evokes happy, loving thoughts.

Baskets of tiny, round red fruit are ABUNDANT in our area. Summer is nearby! Next on the agenda will be plums! Boy will we have abundance of them at our cottage! Plum stories to come.....

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  1. Reminds me of the black bings I used to pick from the Sunnyvale Mardesich ranch (my uncle) when I was a kid. I miss them!!!