Monday, June 6, 2011

Junking on the Farm

Red arm band and bright yellow tennies, burlap satchel and cash for treasures - armed and ready for my first time at the Farm Chicks Show. HOLLER!!!  Women cued-up in cowgirl boots pulling fabric lined shopping carts behind them....  waiting for nine a.m.....

sorry the photos are not from my new camera... the quality is poor ~

Impressive displays, friendly junkers and an afternoon of laughter, ooohs & aaahhhs!!  

Farm Chicks did not disappoint. We traveled quite a distance......

No!! not in this jalopy....   

Not all of our time was strolling the aisles of the fairgrounds. Our traveling karma was beyond amazing. We happened upon many great establishments. How about I share those tomorrow?                                       

Will this become an annual adventure? Shall we venture out to new found shows? Just glad to experience the town of Spokane and this event of national renown. GO! Farm Chicks - far and wide! 

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