Thursday, June 30, 2011

Got Some New Wheels...

This old relic, she just stands in the yard and looks purty. The basket filled with frilly flowers. She is loved, but not one ounce of rideable!  (you've seen her before)

Then... along comes... (Mary?).. ha! that's a song. And I've become smitten with a new toy....
sorry old Relic - my heart belongs to someone new and usable!!  hahhhaaa

Together we've seen the neighborhood sights. Even ventured further down the community trail and into the "nice side of the tracks"... known as Willow Glen. Got really brave and chose to muss the hair and don an ugly bike helmet. Boy - we need some Fashion Police onto this topic. Can't something be done to help girls look pretty AND ride a bike?? Once safety was addressed I took the new ride over to the shop! I'm sorta liking these new wheels!

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