Monday, January 9, 2012

The End Of The 24 Hours

The slight breeze was balmy, and went on it's merry way south by the time sun set. After watching the full moon rise, we  ambled the evening away along the pier.

Nothing more sleep inducing than the sound of waves rolling up the sand. Slept with windows open. In the morn the sound we heard was much more unique.

Sunrise ~

Bagpiper wails  ~

Funniest part is - these two musicians were strangers. They'd each come to the beach that morning, ALONE, to play the bagpipe and ring in a sunny, vibrant morning. How random is that?

The silly guy I came with decided he'd do an Irish jig while the horns bellowed...

Just like that...  {snap of my fingers}... it was time to head over the hill to home. Make the most of this strangely dry weather. Gardening is calling my name...

The road to home is always sweet ....

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