Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Intriguing & Illegal

Can't help myself! Abandoned buildings are just meant to be trespassed! I've blogged about this unlawful habit of mine before. Was that story here, or on Abundant Finds? hmmm   Will go look, or you can too.

Morning hours were whiled away getting history lessons at missions, coercing chickens into sitting for portraits and climbing dunes at the beach.

 By late afternoon I'd become a if-I-get-caught-felon for traipsing about the grounds and buildings of a long closed Army fort.  Along the local coast sits old Ft. Ord. Have to say that this trespass had an eerie vibe going on. I felt the need to hurry my picture taking. Weird to walk streets between rows and rows of barracks all abandoned. Paved ways that now have rubble and green growth, and fencing that blocks through traffic. There were  people before me that had done the same. I did not have to climb fences.

Twilight Zone-ish ~

this made me a little sad ~

so pretty with late afternoon sun ~

Bet if these walls could talk they'd have many interesting stories to tell!

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