Wednesday, January 11, 2012

War Of The Roses


Really, what is the purpose of thorns on rose stems?? Other than to wage war on poor unsuspecting gardeners. Well, maybe I'm not unsuspecting... I've been pruning for years. Too much history with said thorns to not be aware of probabilities. Early January, and it's time for their annual grooming. This winter is so abnormal that the bushes still have plenty of flowers.

Yellow and sunny.  All different types and names. Guess I have a fondness for golden rosa.

Clipped a handful or two to bring in the house...

I don't even mind the curled edges, and brown age spots ... less than perfect, but beauty just the same.

A bit of blush tinting the buds in this vase. ^ Not my best floral styling arrangement....

Gloves or not, the Rosy weaponry is mighty as a sword! Gotta go find me a band-aid....

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