Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hop Skip ... And A Jump

Into the New Year....

                               {  2012  }

YAY!!! Joey
 Leaps of faith!  Not exactly a resolution.

 Resolved though, yes! Resolved in the dictionary says to make a firm decision to do something.  So, at the risk of failing, and not to be taken too seriously  nor last for any lengthy amount of time.....

I'm taking up skipping {see post title above} good for both heart and soul!...
  (maybe I should also SKIP next weeks meals!)


Keep right on skipping through any rough patches, mind you... *SHOULD THERE BE ANY *!.. in this new year!  Not expecting any rough patches, or eczema either! hhaa
* see - leap of faith

HOPPING over some hurdles. Quickly! Like Florence Griffith-Joyner! Will attempt to hop right through Easter. Hop to it each and every time Hubby calls my name! {will not last through Easter}... and this is not the place to take me too seriously! Yet, resolved in hopping out of bed when the rooster crows, throwing on me tennies and git back on them dusty trails! Just may hop, or jump on the bandwagon for the SF 49ers also!

JUMPING into the ring..  jumping at the chance... jumping out of the fire and into the frying pan. Possibly one or all of these. That's what life is all about. The old year; this new year...  how would I learn, experience, live, love, laugh ; be me  without taking chances??? Without leaps of faith?? Without trying "new" ??  Without checking boxes off my bucket list??

Divide the calendar in half, and the last months of the old year knocked me flat{only at times}. Feeling in a cave looking for some light ....
FOUND IT !!   ->

Taking a leap of faith that the light will shine on for awhile...  {better not take batteries}

New Years Eve at Seabright Beach

The sun shined bright as the year ended, and as the new began ^


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  1. Another beautiful post ...What a great read to start my Year off.
    Love Ya,