Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Smallest Thing

Simple, small and utterly SURPRISING gesture.... and soooo nice!

These wheels came rolling up to my house

BIG wheels!!
 Attached to these was one heck of a shiny, red semi truck...

Inside the cab, this mammoth vehicle carried a particularly important person safely to my doorstep...

The smallest thing, in the biggest package, made a very big impact!

My little brother called when he was minutes from my home, on a "run" far from his home and regular work route. "Can I have lunch at your house and visit for a minute?"

"Why, yes of course."   MAKE MY DAY !

*P.S. - so as not to have too sappy of a post...

I was also thinking - "By the way, little Bro - did ya bring me a pair of French doors in that big rig?"

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