Friday, January 20, 2012


Shall I contemplate a nom-de-plume? A fun little alias maybe?

You may never see it, or know that it's me, but I've just started penning - Hey!.. do you call it "penning" when in reality there is not a writing implement in my hand, only fingers on keys at a computer? just wondering...   Back to subject - I'm now composing posts for another blog. One that is not my own.

Putting thoughts to paper, stories to screen, pictures to posts...

Note: Drusilla will not be my nom de plume!

Taking direction from the Boss-n-boots of Goat Hill, I've started "ghostwriting" on the shows web site! A new adventure. An offer that I was happy to accept. This job - instead of manning a tent, and selling vintage wares at Goat Hill. I do believe I will miss the creativity and collecting, but my sanity and house will be much happier for this new position!

My first short blurb is this ~
Work is under way! The May edition of Goat Hill has lots of lovely surprises in store for our fellow flea marketing sisters {and brothers too}
Be sure to check back here often, as one of the new editions will be frequent blogging posts and updates!
 Mark your new 2012 calendars!  You won’t want to miss the creativity, the camaraderie, the herd or the Farm site!
May 19th & 20th

Here's hoping my talking  blabbering-incessantly skills problem give me a leg up at this new endeavor. HA!
No writer's block, please. I'll now have an actual following. Not my following, oh no, much more important. Now I'll be concerned that all of the Junk-collecting-world reading the website for Goat Hill might comment on my grammar and silliness. For the love of adjectives - HELP ME!! 


  1. Please keep writing Miss Shari I love looking at all the photos and the great stories. You have to be one of the best writer's to get your thoughts across. When I read your blogs I feel like I'm on your journey with you.I can't wait for your first book to be published,because the whole world needs to see the world through your eyes.

  2. I agree with Jennifer. I don't get to your blog everyday, but the times I do read it, they give me a huge lift and inspiration!!
    Good luck on your new gig, Blogger!