Sunday, January 8, 2012

Twenty Four Hours

Pack up the bird. Throw sweatshirts in a bag. Fill an ice chest with salty and delectable goodies. Get the heck out of town!! I surprised Hubby and planned for us to stay at the beach over night. After Hubby's first week back to work, he was in need of a quiet, restful break - and so was I !!

First stop - BAKERY TREATS ~

Next location the beach, where we remained for the afternoon. We couldn't help but feel slovenly, melty,
 sun-drunk while sitting in the warmth, listening to the gulls caw, and the waves babble. Our feet moved at the slowest of paces. We were cemented in place alongside the pier....

Barnacle-like, even. Attached with suction to the seat of a sand chair ~

Hand in hand, they walked in the sand, and danced by the light of the moon...

Sluggishly we made our way off the beach and plunked ourselves down at the rooftop terrace for more lounging and sunset views ~

Twelve hours done... more to share tomorrow....

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