Thursday, January 5, 2012

Faded, Rutted And Sun-Chapped....

Oh, how I missed you today - Mary-the-bike! Had I realized, we coulda been pedal-cruising the bluffs above the beach together. I made due though. Tramped around the agri-fields on old rutted pathways. Guess that could have made it hard on your wheels. So, maybe you didn't miss out?

Actually all persons, and things not with me today did miss out!! Wanna see the loveliness that warmed my heart today? If ever you're in the mood for country living; if you've a hankering for aged and well loved farms; when all tokens-of-pretty antiquity are saying "look at me" - this is what your day should look like.....

Soak up all the beauty

Morning latte and a minuscule, divine cream puff. My stomach growled for more while eyeing the French patisserie. Across the courtyard sat a tiny shop loaded with eclectic goods. The books were a hoot!

Steps away, I was enthralled by a butcher shop. A charcuterie. A quite hip, meat locker of sorts. Inked, tatted men-folk with quite interesting and cool info on all things MEAT!

Hubby was in for a surprise! He's been jonesing for paprika rabbit. Lo and behold - the meat locker does carry other protein! I'm going back soon! Possibly for a class. Think - meat curing class, or butchering, or sausage making for example.

Rolled on down the road to the beach. Time for the daily walking ritual. So much was in store for me though. This cultural preserve had me all a-twitter ~

Victorian farmhouses, barns, meadows, animals of the milking kind, history and miles of trails...

                                                          OH MY !!

Horse, cow, chicken and agricultural accoutrement filled the barns ~

Why, I do believe I'm tuckered out. Too much eye candy for one day. So, I think I'll share the rest of this day on a new post tomorrow. The beach trail is still awaiting. Lunch and other goodies too...

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