Sunday, January 15, 2012

Quizzical Look

Should I, or shouldn't I? That is the question. Frequently difficult to come up with a clear answer.

Do I treat my life like a multiple choice quiz? For so many daily decisions I look at the 3 to 4 options before me and hope to pick the one right answer that suits the subject best. I had a multiple choice question before me this weekend.  The difficulty came in doing what was right for me, because that option doesn't feel so good when I am missing time with some of my very favorite women...

 Specifically time and distance were the points that dissuaded me from play time with the SF gals. Funny that something so right, can feel so wrong. Isn't that lyrics to a song?

The word balance is spoken frequently in our home. Unsure if that buzz word has come about because of age, or the family-health-issue year we've endured. Either way - multiple choice answers and balance seem somehow aging! Yet, also smart... when I'm being kind to myself.

HELLO?... Spontaneity, are you in there?? Periodically, YES! Like for instance the posts I've done while playing traveling photographer. (another one to be posted soon) Most days are planned out and occasionally monotonous. That too is good for me. I've talked about and waited for those times to show up in my life again.  Yet, it truly feels unfortunate when my heart says YES!, and my brain disagrees!

Coulda, shoulda, woulda been ->

celebratory cocktails

But, option "C" on the multiple choice quiz was: choose health over bubbles (until told otherwise)..

Question  7 on today's quiz made me choose between PARTY and quiet again.....
Hate missing out on fabulous finger food and laughs with a really fun gal!

She's my fellow Hollywood enthusiast! She's the yin to my yang during conversation... hmmm - maybe not actually, not sure that she or I get a word in edgewise. Man can we talk! So, I ask you, how did I choose to stay home for the big awards event - THE GOLDEN GLOBES ? Not an easy choice. Believe me, I nearly drove on over to her place during the red carpet. We'll compare notes over the phone and review, and review, and rehash again tomorrow!

The above TV show decision is one of the lighter subjects to come across my quiz radar.....
Trying, trying to keep it light around here...
Ever hopeful that spontaneity keeps it's position as choice "A" on each daily quiz.

Now, off to watch Ricky Gervais skewer himself one of the beautiful people... HA!! :-)

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  1. Again another great Post Miss Shari. I LOVE being part of your blogs. You made all the right choices this weekend.We have a lifetime of award shows to watch, your health is the most important thing.
    Love Ya,