Friday, September 23, 2011

Burdened Shoulders and Legs

Hospital halls and Doctor's offices have become an unwelcome norm for me. I'm back to carrying a weight that I'd love to shrug off. Hopes were flying ever so high that my family was on the sunny side of daylight now. No more  constant pressure - the worries somewhat eased. Well, it didn't last long enough.

This guy of mine - the one from yesterday's 30 year dating story - he's lying in a hospital bed. Truly all he can do is lay there. He is unable to walk. He is suddenly without the ability to stand and move forward on his own.

Indications are that this sudden and rapidly changing problem has something to do with pressure on his spinal cord. Writing at this time feels therapeutic. It is filling space right now while I wait for him to return from the most recent MRI. Something tells me this is the time that we might finally have an answer, at the very least - a clue. Sorrow and fear sit squarely on my shoulders. Yet, I'm not to be outdone - our entire world rests completely on Hubby's legs. What a burden, indeed.

We'll get through this and the sun while shine brightly on our Abundant Picnic..... no raining allowed!

our beloved Mt. Tam

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