Tuesday, September 20, 2011

No Foundation

New years begin shiny and new with hope of the possibilities. In January I wrote a post about my cousin who resides in a home with no foundation. It was the start of this year - yet not so bright and shiny for him. The back story sits there on January 6th.

My cousins new story resides in today's post. Our bond is simple, rarely identified and infrequently embraced. Since that home without a foundation is in actuality the streets, we don't connect often. I haven't known his whereabouts, nor his status in many months. Was he still in the camp near the creek, not far from downtown? I had thought of him when all had been wacky with my Dad - how might I reach him? My Mom had phoned his half sibling. She too was unaware of any contact possibilities.

Jimmy made that rare connection a week ago. His voice was light as he said he had news. First we got through the usual suspects of conversation. Well, probably - the UNUSUAL topics since his life does not follow any civilized norm. Are you still living in the same place? says I. He mentions he is calling from the hospital. Are you sick again? I dread. His response nearly floors me. Jimmy is not the patient, he is accompanying a girlfriend. They are getting county help in order to see an OB/GYN. Girlfriend is 4 months pregnant. They are having

Baby boys will come into Jimmy's life at the age of 51. They will arrive to a nontraditional home. That home doesn't have windows so that they might view the world in all of it's glory. The walls are fabric panels and may not keep the cold out. The foundation is rocky, slippery and prone to giving way under poor conditions(literally and figuratively). Not much of a start for infants.

What can I say?

Concerned Congratulations.....

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