Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cramming Like A College Student

What a strange title I gave this post! True that, though! I am cramming every last detail into the very few hours I have before I take part in the Goat Hill Fair. Today was the first set-up day. Fun and nerve racking. Beautiful and foggy damp. Funny and mind boggling. What in the world have I gotten myself into???...... well here's what it looks like ~

'twas foggy but, that makes for great moving weather!

There were a couple of mishaps...

This was Boss-In-Boots' shoe! White paint all over da place! Yet, there was definitely Fall color too ~

Everybody running around like a chicken with it's head.... well, you know how that ends! Let's don't go there! The chicks still have their combs attached ~

Here is the start, and later I'll show the finish!! just you wait....

looks scary right now...

Good night! I gotta get some shut eye. Goin' to run with the chickens (with their heads on), and climb to the top o'the hill with the goats tomorrow.  Bright and early!

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