Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Feeling Squirrely

Don't you love receiving postcards from someones fabulous vacation? My friend sent these two from her antique-picking roadtrip ~

There's a story behind the squirrel one. Megan (vintage picker) and the Goat Hill planner-boss-lady Cyndi gave me the title of "Squirrel Lady". A couple years back Cyndi owned a shop, of which I was a frequent visitor. When they both really got to know me I was on the prowl for any squirrel item to use for a wine and cheese party we were hosting in our home. Thus the moniker. Our party theme, invites and wine label was Squirrel Nut Vineyards. The soiree was held under our gigantic walnut tree.

Funny that... receiving the squirrel card in the height of walnut-mania!! Our backyard is overtaken by cute rodents. The brick patio and walkways are littered and crunchy! Every year we say that we'll find a way to tent the tree, or pick nuts ahead of time. Each year's the same deal - not one nut for our pantry.

The pests even come sit at the patio table to graze on their nutty feast...

At this time of year I most surely appreciate cement squirrels rather than the furry sorts ~

What the heck... maybe I should just make friends with the little guys??...

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