Monday, September 12, 2011

Going Home on September 11th

Undoubtedly it was best that I was busy yesterday. Had I spent much time in the house I probably would have been a sad and reflective gal unable to accomplish much. For when I did stop to rest and lift my feet, then everywhere I turned sad and emotional images crossed my path.

September 11, 2011. Ten year anniversary of the horrific terrorist attack on our country. Yes, I knew what day it was - ALL DAY. I chose not to dwell. Yet in the eve my eyes couldn't help be glued to the newspaper, then the television (briefly), and the Internet also. Somehow those memories and glimpses of the past became intermingled with my most recent shattering experience - the near death of my father.

My father's health and 9/11 have little to do with one another. Just awful times and hard to manage feelings. However, my father is improved! He has overcome great odds! Pops is somewhat rehabilitated. The singular exception to Sept.11th and my Dad's noncommonality is that - he is no longer confined to a hospital - he went home!

Ghostly lit towers, newly running waterfalls, memorials of granite....
What I have is this ...  >

An empty wheelchair. May my father's legs be able to take him where he wishes to go.... that's the prayer that I've sent up! I am fortunate to have all my dreams, prayers, wishes come true. Oh so many families cannot say the same about September 11th. For them, I have tears.

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  1. Very heartfelt, and I'm so happy that Pops is home. I pray he's doing well.