Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Other Day... On My Way To The ER

One frightening day very recently, the one that had me trying to get Hubby to the Doctor, was one of the kind where you shake your head and ask can this really be happening.  A kind of funny story....  NOW.
We already knew that Hubby wasn't feeling well, and he had a Dr. appointment scheduled. We just had to make it through part of the day first.

Hubby lay resting here in our bedroom while I tried to accomplish nothing much at all.  Silly me decided that this "quiet" time would be just perfect for getting out the newly purchased box of temporary hair color and slapping it on. Unfortunately Hubby was needing the one and only bathroom in our home due to the TNT strength laxative I dosed him with. (bet Hubby will just love to know I'm talking about his bowels) Near about this same time frame, as I, with red colored wet dye dripping, go to Hubby's aid - as he is unable to walk on his own (really NOT funny), but what does appear on the ground IN MY HOUSE but a wee little mouse. I'm proud to say I didn't shriek, yet automatically deferred to Hubby.... "uuuhhhmmm, what should I do about a mouse on the floor?" apparently the poor thing was not well, as it didn't skitter about. Hubby yells from the bed (still waiting for me to get him to the potty) " get something to put over it and trap it". A wastebasket became the rodent's jailer.  Run to the bedroom to get a folding chair that will suffice as Hubby's walker. Can't quite get Hubby to the lav on time... if you know what I mean. Then have to move the mouse trap over to the side for Hubby to sit down.  Oh yes!... forgot about the timing on the hair dye. Hubby and his legs take up the minimal space between our door and the shower I need. What the heck color of hair will it be now? Hubby scoots over to the chair/walker and off of the pot so I can get past...

Are you still reading? A long story that may not seem funny to some. I'm glad to find the humor in that day!

Mostly that's the jest of it. The color of my strands aren't too orangey. The poor-wittle-mouse has gone to dumpster heaven. Hubby got to the Doctor, a visit that had scary and yet funny moments too. In the ER the Docs laughed at us as we did verbal quizzes from the paper whilst he endured a lumbar puncture! Only saving grace was that he was numb from the waist down and couldn't feel it.

We're still in good spirits even amidst the chaos and unknown. Hopefully soon we will toast to GOOD HEALTH and raise our spirits just that much higher!

even better spirits!

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  1. Wow! Shari! I've missed reading for several weeks now, and have been getting updates another way. I am so sorry you and the hubby are going through this. You're both in my thoughts and prayers!
    Love ya!