Thursday, September 29, 2011

Decorating Trend ??

Have I found and labeled a new trend in home decor??... how do ya like the looks and sound of this ~

POST HOSPITAL CHIC ...     not in love? It's not really my style either. Although I have been known to appreciate metal and industrial type pieces that come from medical settings. What I am not so fond of is this lovely display in my own bedroom upon the re-entry of Hubby from the hospital ->

Notice anything on the chandelier? Other than the burned out light bulbs?? Yep, Hubby hung his plastic urinal from the chandy so that's it's close at hand for emergencies! JUST LOVELY !

Yet, it is truly lovely, and I DO love that Hubby has come home. A touch of new all around our house...
I moved furniture about (in 90 degree heat) so that we have room for a walker for him to get around. A different entryway also. A beautiful gesture from a kind neighbor ~ he built us a ramp.  We've got flowers all about. The arrangement Hubby has in his arms are the ones he gave to me. For all of the "messy-life" stuff that I've endured the past few months. Sweet guy, huh?!

priceless gift
The hydrangea-in-the Fall bouquet was left at the doorstep for me. The most thoughtful gift at a most trying time! Thanks Megan! I then did a sort of re-gift and set them bedside for Hubby with all of his other contraptions. A hospital room set-up of sorts ~

I might be sorry that I stuck that bell on the tray!! hhaaa

As for Autumnal decor... well, it may not happen for me. Or, possibly it will be what keeps me sane and fills my time while I'm here in our home playing nurse.

Ah, another good thought - speaking of Fall - shall I maybe play Nurse Ratchett for Halloween? The sweet and giving Florence Nightingale? If I'm gonna be here acting like a nurse, I may as well have fun with it!

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