Saturday, September 3, 2011

Color My World

Omens abound....
Messages from above, below and all about... (remember the word was out to BITE ME, lately!)

How many people would go for a walk in them thar hills and come across a painters palette nestled in eucalyptus leaves along the road? Somehow I did ~

Colorful and thought provoking. Who would toss their color board out the window? What is the story behind this unique roadside trash? hhhmmmmmm

A sign? An omen? Cause just the other day on a different walk on a different hill, in a different town I came across other art palettes and color and loveliness ~

Was this painterly lady placed just so along the trail in order that I might come across her and have a moment of inspiration?  Shall I be contemplative of these moments? What message, if any, are they trying to send me?

I've never tried painting. Don't know that I have an eye for it. Photography is more my style. That is how I most often color my world.

The only art medium I have my hands in at this moment is Rit dye. The last color I tried was black.... now my digits are grey and ashen looking - not a good look! Ultimately, I prefer green thumbs!

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